Portland Baby Eye Doctor Annie Bacon
Portland Infant Wellness by Eye Doctor Annie Bacon

Are you a new mom or dad? Has your baby been seen by an eye doctor yet?

The purpose of  the EYE HEART BABY Infant Wellness Program is to evaluate the health and vision of infants, to reduce the risk of vision loss and to facilitate proper vision development. Dr. Annie Bacon will be providing eye examinations for babies and children up to two years old as a complimentary service. We believe that every infant and baby should be examined to ensure that their eyes are working together and developing properly. Infants should be seen to ensure each eye can focus, that their eyes are straight and to rule out any abnormalities or internal retinal disease. Dr. Annie will check the working order and structure of the infant’s eyes. She will make sure the infant’s eyes are developing properly and there are no serious vision obstructions like cataracts or tumors. During the baby eye exam, she will look for signs of amblyopia, “lazy eye”, crossed eyes “strabismus”, and signs of near/farsightedness. This is a vital time (between 6 months and two years old) during the visual development of babies. If Dr. Annie finds anything, eye care treatment can be initiated very quickly to seek a positive outcome. Our goal for this program is to help the children of this community be prepared for success as they grow into school age. By offering preventative screening measures to the community, Dr. Annie can provide parents with valuable and potentially vision saving information allowing more children to be in a position to succeed. The diagnosis and treatment of a visual disorder early in life leads to a positive outcome for the child.

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Birth to 3 months Recognize facial expressions like smiles. Eye muscles aren’t well coordinated and their eyes may wander Focus is at 8-10” ~3 months eyes should be able to track objects and reach for things.
5 to 8 months Control of eye movements and coordination of eyes and body continue to improve Depth perception begins around 5 months as the eyes work better as a team. Begin to tell how far away or close an object is. Adequate color vision. Crawling by 8 months improve eye-hand-foot coordination.
9 to 12 months Grasp objects with their thumb and forefinger Judges distance well and can throw things with greater precision.
1-2 years Depth perception well developed. Recognize objects and familiar things in books. Start to scribble and draw on paper. Hand-eye coordination well developed.
*Signs something could be wrong: Excessive tearing, red or crusted lid, constant eye turn in, out, up or down, extreme sensitivity to light and white pupils in photographs.