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Eye Department eye care and eyewear Portland, Oregon

Eye Exam Portland

Eye Department is your premier Optometry, Eye Care, Eyewear and Optical shop in Portland, Oregon.  Eye Department provides full scope medical eye exams that go well beyond simple vision refraction and generally last 45 minutes. Dr. Annie Bacon believes that every patient is unique and deserves individualized care and attention. The eyes are a window into the health of our bodies and many diseases may be detected early through annual eye exams. Our eye exams include screenings for diabetes, glaucoma macular degeneration, cataract and other systemic conditions than can be seen in your eyes earlier than anywhere else in your body. We offer a prompt pay discount when no additional filings are necessary and paid at the time of exam.

Emergency Eye Problems

We know how difficult it can be to see a doctor the day you feel sick, which is why we have times throughout the day to see “emergency” eye problems.  Our eye doctor believes in maintaining a high level of access for patients experiencing emergency eye problems in Portland.  These emergency problems include flashes, floaters, red eyes and sudden loss of vision. If you are feeling there is an eye emergency please call us and our staff will help further assess when we need to get you in.

Fittings, Adjustments & Cleanings

Trust our team to help you find the right pair of eyeglass and sunglass frames for your tastes, budget and needs. We adjust, clean and fit our eyewear to provide our patients with the most ideal fit possible. Whether we are filling your prescription for glasses or sunglasses, we offer the best customer service in town and a wide selection of high quality eyewear.

Eyewear Collection

Our optical boutique has been thoughtfully curated to complement our high standards. We travel the world for frame lines that we believe will meet our New Vintage standard. If we are going to invest in high quality frames, we expect them to last. Our mission is to uphold this standard across all the collections we carry. We believe in a frame for every occasion. We have to believe in the products we carry. Eye Department isn’t a warehouse with a massive parking lot so we may not carry all of the common brand names but rest assured, the designers we feature have a focus on quality and design.

Contact Lens Evaluations/Fitting

Contact lenses sit on your ocular tissue, which is called the cornea. The cornea can become inflamed or lack oxygen when contacts are misused or ill fitting. Our contact lens evaluation assesses the health of the cornea, the fit of the contacts and insertion and removal training if you are a first time wearer. There is an additional fee for contacts dependent on the difficulty of the fit.  Contact lens evaluations/fits start at $59 but vary based on several factors including prescription complexity.

LASIK – Pre and Post Operation Services

Includes a pre-operative work up to ensure a patient is well qualified to have refractive surgery.  Our doctors take the time to educate our patients on the risk factors and expectations. Post-operative services often include a 1 week, 1 month and 3 month follow up. There may be more post-op follow ups if deemed necessary by our doctor.


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