Portland Optometrist Annie Bacon – Toms eyeglasses and sunglasses at Eye Department eye care and eyewear Portland, Oregon

Portland Optometrist Annie Bacon – Eye Department eye care and eyewear Portland, Oregon

Join Eye Department in celebrating the launch of TOMS Eyeglasses & Sunglasses on Thursday May 1st from 3pm to 7pm with proceeds benefiting the SEVA Foundation.  We will be showcasing the entire TOMS sunglass and eyeglass collection and a video about the One For One mission and the SEVA Foundation.  Not only does the TOMS mission provide One For One vision services and products but the TOMS sunglasses and eyeglasses are extremely well made and focused on pushing the limits of design.

We’ve been inspired by the TOMS team and all that they are accomplishing through the One For One mission.  We’ve begun sponsorship planning and fundraising for the SEVA Foundation towards an Eye Health Camp in Cambodia in January 2015.  From now until then, Eye Department will dedicate a percentage of it’s business towards funding this Eye Health Camp. We will be showing a short video on the sight saving work that SEVA has been doing for the past 35 years.  They are an amazing organization that does amazing work on very limited resources.  SEVA is able to perform a cataract surgeries for roughly $50 per eye, where in the States the cost could run over $1000.