We had an amazing turnout and we are thankful to all who attended. The TOMS and SEVA teams have been completely blown away by the generosity of Portlanders and the Eye Department commitment to service. We have been overwhelmed by the response from our TOMS Eyewear launch party and we want to show our appreciation to all of our new patients, our new clients and new friends & neighbors.  Thank you for coming out in support of the TOMS’ One For One mission and the Eye Department fundraiser for the SEVA Foundation Eye Camp in Cambodia January 2015. With your help, we raised $1000 towards a SEVA Eye Camp and provided clean drinking water for 10 weeks to someone in need.


After meeting witseva_logoh the TOMS team in NY, we knew that Eye Department had to get involved. We reached out to the SEVA Foundation who  have been providing vision restoring services for 35 years and have performed over 3.5 Million cataract surgeries around the world, to discuss opportunities to help. The SEVA Foundation has been doing amazing work on a very small budget with very little overhead for over three decades.  SEVA stands for Selfless Service and they really mean it. After learning more about the SEVA Foundation, their team, mission and success stories, we have decided to commit a percentage of the Eye Department business to help fund a SEVA Foundation Eye Camp in Cambodia in January 2015.  Dr. Annie and Brian will be traveling with the SEVA eye care team to Cambodia to assist at the eye camp.  The SEVA Eye Camps have a profound affect on, not only the patients receiving surgery but also on their families and their communities as well. Individuals travel for days to attend a SEVA Eye Camp in order to receive sight restoring treatment.  Many times, these patients are traveling with family, loved ones or caretakers who assist in their travels.  The ripple effect from a sight restoring surgery is tremendous and we want to help further the SEVA mission.  Please join Eye Department in supporting the SEVA Foundation and consider sponsoring Dr. Annie and Brian in their fundraising efforts.

We feel incredibly fortunate that so many of our neighbors, patients and friends have connected with the One For One mission like we have.  The opportunity to change lives and provide service is something we hold close to our hearts here at Eye Department and we are grateful that so many of you feel the same way.  We will continue to work hard to develop these relationships and look forward to building on each service opportunity.

We want to thank Rizal Hosek for bringing his photography A-game to the party. He was a huge addition to the party and we are incredibly grateful for all his work.  All the photos below are courtesy of Rizal.

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Eye Wear

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