How to Care For and Clean Your Eyewear

Care and Cleaning Instructions

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with lotion free soap before touching your lenses. Transferring dirt, oils or lotion may smudge, scratch or smear eyeglass #lenses –

2) Clean your eyeglasses #daily when #EyeDepartment lens cleaning solution. This cleaning solution is alcohol free and approved for treating lenses with #antireflective #transitions #mirror and #polarized #sunglasses coatings.

3) Place the #EyeDept cleaning cloth between your thumb and index finger. Spray the front and backside of each lens. Pinch the lens with the cleaning cloth and us a circular motion that clean your lenses. 4) Wipe dry and repeat as necessary — #voilá .

Tips To Keep Your #Eyeglasses In Great Condition:

1) If they aren’t on your face, they must be in your case.

2) your tie, T-shirt or sock are not cleaning cloths.

3) Keep Your #glasses away from rough chemicals like hairspray, alcohol, bleach, cologne, ammonia and other #household cleaning solutions.

4) Always protect the lenses.

5) Don’t leave your glasses in your car as extreme heat or cold may damage coatings.

6) Always keep a backup pair of glasses available.

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