TOMS Eyewear – Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

You don’t have to be an eye doctor to help restore sight for someone in need.  Eye Department is proud to be one of the first in Portland to carry the TOMS Eyewear. We will be carrying both the Eyeglasses and Sunglasses collections.  The sunglasses are in and the prescription frames will launch in a couple of months.  Similar to the shoes, each pair of eyeglasses sold goes towards restoring sight for someone in need.  TOMs has partnered with the SEVA Foundation, a world leader in providing eye care services to the world’s most vulnerable citizens including women, children and indigenous people.

Each pair of TOMS eyeglasses sold contributes towards providing life saving eye care services and cataract surgeries to the world’s most vulnerable citizens.  By partnering with the SEVA Foundation, TOMS is able to make an enormous impact with an organization that has boots on the ground.  There are clinics around the world performing cataract surgeries, prescribing eye care and delivering eyewear to citizens in need.  Buying eyeglasses never felt so good.

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