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When you make an investment in quality eyewear, you will want to invest time in properly cleaning and caring for your new eyeglasses. Taking a careful approach will keep your glasses clear and scratch free. Below are some easy tips and reminders to help you keep your eyeglasses scratch free and in excellent condition.
Glasses Care & Cleaning Instructions

-Remember to keep your glasses on your face or in your case.
-Clean your lenses daily with Eye Department cleaning solution. This cleaning solution is alcohol free and approved for lenses with Anti-reflective coatings (AR), Transitions, Mirror and Polarized coatings.
-Wipe your glasses and lenses dry with your Eye Department lens cleaning cloth.
-Do not us your shirt, tie or napkin to wipe your lenses.
-Protect your frames and lenses from chemicals such as hair spray, cologne, alcohol, ammonia, bleach or household cleaners.
-Protect your glasses from heat. Do not leave your glasses exposed in your hot car for extended periods of time. Heat may damage your glasses so remember to keep your glasses case in a cool and safe place.
-Do remember to keep your glasses on your face or in your case at all times.
-Do remember to lay your glasses and lenses facing away from harsh surfaces.
-Hand wash and air dry lens cleaning cloths frequently to assure maximum performance. No fabric softener is necessary.

Clean your lenses daily with warm water and the Eye Department cleaning solution provided during your eyeglass fitting. If you have used all of your sample bottle, a mild soap (with no additives) or an approved anti-reflective coating lens solution will work in between refilling your cleaning solution.

Wipe your eyeglasses or sunglasses dry with your new Eye Department cleaning chamois.